MLM Leads & Affiliate Marketing Leads–How Much More Magical Can It Get?

Have you seen the movie “Now You See Me”?

Do you know how you can use the concepts in it for your MLM or affiliate marketing business?

I was watching it the other night on the couch with my wife.  I downloaded it off of Amazon.

Gosh I love technology.  And it was a very fun film to watch.

Anyway, the movie was about magicians who call themselves the “4 Horsemen”.

They go around doing magic shows and in the process are able to steal money from companies or people who have done wrong and then give it to the audience.

The cops can’t catch them.

Very few people know what they’re up to and I’m not going to give away the plot.

But the reason I bring up this movie is because it reminded me of how you can use the concepts from these magicians to GENERATE MLM Leads and affiliate marketing leads for your business.

MLM Leads

How Can You Use Movie Magic To Generate MLM Leads and Affiliate Marketing Leads For Your Business?

If you watch the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about.  But here are the 3 easy steps you can follow to generate MLM Leads and affiliate marketing leads…

  1. Plan
  2. Be Entertaining, Out Of The Ordinary, And Educational
  3. Take Massive Action

That’s all there is to it.

I know you’re probably wanting more information than just these three things, so let’s dig in just a little more with real examples and what happened in the movie…

The Plan

The magicians in the movie came together to become well known and be seen by many.  They knew they had to be outrageous, they had to get attention, and they had to get people coming back.

The first thing they did was plan the tricks.  In their case it took several months for them to put together to pull everything off.  But they did it through their meticulous planning.

The put elaborate events in place.  They set the events up so that a series of actions would occur in just the right order.  Everything had to be perfect.

Now for your business… if you want to generate leads you still have to plan.  You will need to figure out which mediums you are going to target.  You’ll need to know who (demographically) you want to target.  You’ll want to begin thinking about the angle to take.

Essentially, how will you stand out from the crowd.

For me, I’m promoting Empower Network. The angle I’m taking is to promote as my domain name says, from the angle of magic.  Why?  because most people think their secrets to making it online with MLM or affiliate marketing.  They look up to these gurus who make you think it’s magic and then charge you thousands to learn it all.

I call bullshit.  There is no magic.  And I show you that specifically with my MacGyver Money Method that I give away free just to prove you can start with nothing and begin earning commissions online.

And best of all I show you how you can do MLM or affiliate marketing without a website or domain name.

Either way, you must plan how you’re going to enter the market.

Be Entertaining, Out of the Ordinary, And Educational

The one thing about this movie is that it is totally over the top.  And you would expect that from Magicians.

Every step of the way the movies grabs your attention.  You find things showing up that you weren’t expecting.

The loops and drops of this movie keep you on the edge of your seat.  I can’t give anything away because the movie is very good.

But even when the end comes you will be totally surprised.

The point in saying that is when you’re doing marketing for your MLM or affiliate marketing business you should consider doing something different than anyone else.

Grab attention.  Get noticed.  Educate inside of entertainment.

I remember the stories my Mom and Grandmother would tell me as a child.  You may remember some of them as well… Three Blind Mice, Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs… you get the idea.

These simple little stories grabbed my attention as a child and directly under the surface were educational moments.

Often times my parents would use my child life experiences to teach me things.  And it worked because we love stories we love to be entertained.  And if we get a little information along the way, that’s fantastic too.

But no matter what it is the story that keeps me coming back.  Which is what will have your leads coming back to you.

The best way for me to promote Empower Network’s products and opportunities is through my own life experiences in business, life and work.

It can’t get much more true.  And if YOU get related to me…that is fantastic.  If you don’t, you’ll go on to find someone else.  Which is fantastic too.

Because you will learn best from people you can connect with right now.

Have Fun

Take Massive Action

In the movie I can tell you that these magicians to boat loads of action.  They opened up their engines full throttle went.

Nothing got in their way and I mean nothing.

Every obstacle that came up, they looked for a way around it.

Every move they made was calculated and even when it looked impossible, they did it anyway.

And that’s exactly what you have to do if you want to be successful in business.  It’s about taking massive action every single day.

Yes, things will get in the way.  Yes, your brain will come up with excuses for you not to do it.

And everyday you must accept was is there and in the face of all the obstacles that come up you do what you have to do anyway.

Now, if you’re someone who takes massive action… and you’re willing to do what it takes… and you want to generate more MLM Leads or generate more leads for your affiliate marketing business then I want you to CHECK out the MacGyver Money Method absolutely free from the link below.

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Once you’ll see it I bet hundreds of ideas come to mind on how to use it, make it better and make money in the process.

Just watching this will probably give you even more ideas that I didn’t list.

That always happens to me, I watch a new training and in the process come up with even more and better ideas.

You’ll see very quickly that the method is simple. You CAN begin using it right away.

And before long you’ll realize exactly how to accelerate your progress by taking a little bit more action and a little bit more action.

Now, if you’re interested in finding out more about Empower Network then you can click the link below.  I will tell you a little about the program and what you get when you join to amplify your results as an independent affiliate.

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And that’s it for today.  I hope you’ve gotten something from today’s post.  I know while I was writing a few more ideas came to mind.

Remember, no matter if you’re looking for mlm leads or affiliate marketing leads you can do it with those 3 steps.

And when you’re looking for the right opportunity make sure they meet your guidelines for high ticket commissions and recurring revenue.  You want to maximize all your efforts.

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That’s it for now.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments.

Jay “Now You See Me” Simcic

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